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March 5th: Way of The Exile, part 2 -- Dr. Tim Mackie (

This past year, all of us experienced loss──loss of hopes or expectations, jobs or stability, and some even lost loved ones. This is a traumatic time that has left our once familiar world feeling foreign and strange. And in times like these, we may begin to question where God is in all of this. We see God’s people ask similar questions throughout the story of the Bible when they found themselves in times of fear and instability.



Read and Discuss


Read: 1 Peter 1:1-2 and 1 Peter 2:4-17

Peter addresses followers of Jesus in the Roman empire, yet he calls them priests of God who are living in exile. He calls them to distance themselves from the value system of their surrounding culture, while at the same time being faithful to God and those around them.


Question 1: For many of us, our previous way of life has come to a halt. In what ways has your practice of worship and faithfulness to God changed?


Question 2: Think creatively about what faithfulness to God could look like in this strange new world. How can you connect with God and others and live faithfully in this time?

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