April 3rd: Easter Sunday -- Dr. Tim Mackie (bibleproject.com)

Tomorrow, followers of Jesus all over the world will be celebrating Easter. Whether we gather in person on Resurrection Sunday with groups of other believers, or choose to gather virtually, together we celebrate the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Two thousand years ago, Jesus claimed victory over sin and death by rising from the dead. He is our everlasting hope. Even in the midst of trials and trouble, Jesus teaches us to hold on tightly to his victory and celebrate together. As you go into Easter Sunday, know that there are millions of followers of Jesus celebrating his resurrected life in unison.



Read and Discuss


Read Luke 24

For Jesus' family and friends, the empty tomb and the risen Jesus himself were a shocking surprise. Despite Jesus preparing them for his death and resurrection, they simply couldn't imagine how Jesus' death fit into God's purpose. Luke’s resurrection account shows how the only way to embrace the risen Jesus is to let go of our normal ways of viewing the world. Only then can we open ourselves to the surprising power of God’s love for our world.


Question 1: What do you think people expected Jesus to do or be like? How did he surprise them?


Question 2: What are some of the assumptions you hold about life, God, or your future that could be keeping you from seeing what Jesus might be up to in your life?