Philippians rEADING PLAN

Week 1: May 30th


Philippians 1


Philippians 1:1-11



  1. What one word best describes Paul’s feelings for the Philippians? 

  2. What word would describe the feelings you have for your church?

  3. What is unusual about Paul’s positive attitude in this letter?

  4. On a scale of 1 (easy) to 10 (hard), how hard is it for you to express your feelings like Paul did here?

  5. How is God at work in a believer’s life according to verses 6 and 9-11? How does this make you feel about uncertainties in your life?


  1. Who was the “apostle Paul” in your spiritual life, who introduced you to Jesus Christ and cared about your spiritual growth?

  2. Who is your spiritual cheerleader now?


Philippians 1:12-30


  1. Paul was in prison but joyful. What difficult circumstance are you dealing with? What’s your attitude toward this situation? 

  2. What has happened as a result of Paul’s imprisonment?

  3. What effect did Paul’s situation have on most of his fellow believers (v. 14)?

  4. What negative result did Paul’s situation have on others in the church (vv. 15-17)?

  5. What does this passage say about what your attitude should be toward Christains whose motives you might question?

  6. Where has God been able to use bad for good in your life?

  7. Which option (life or death) does Paul personally desire (vv. 22-23)?

  8. Why does Paul feel it is more necessary for him to do the opposite (vv. 24-25)?

  9. What is something you would like to accomplish before you die?

  10. What difference has your personal faith in Jesus Christ made in your attitude toward death and dying?


  1. “For me, to live is…” Given your priorities and schedule this week, how would you honestly finish this sentence? What would change if you said “Christ”?

  2. Since churches often divide theological lines, what would it mean to apply verse 27 in your community in concrete ways? What would have to change in you to make such unity possible? 

  3. In what area of your life do you need more knowledge and depth of insight (v. 9)?