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February 26th: Sabbath Rest, part 1 -- Dr. Tim Mackie (


Today’s study focuses on the theme of Sabbath rest in the Bible. The Sabbath is a weekly reminder of God’s provision in the past, and it’s meant to foster hope in God’s plan to restore creation. Tracing this biblical theme can give us a new perspective on the instability of our current moment.







Read and Discuss

Read: Genesis 2:1-3

Question 1: How do you find yourself responding to this unwelcome slowdown of life? What thoughts and emotions do you experience? What fears are you aware of?


Question 2: God's rest in Genesis 2 is all about filling a sacred space with his divine presence and celebrating the beauty and abundance of creation. The Sabbath practice is a way for humans to remember God’s presence and his ideal purpose for creation. What are some of the simple things you can celebrate or are grateful for? Who can you share that with this week?


Read: Exodus 16:1-36

Question 1: To observe Sabbath is to rest from one’s work. But work is a good and productive thing throughout Scripture. For example, it is one of the reasons God places the human in the garden of Eden, “to work it and keep it” (Genesis 2:15). So why would God command a Sabbath rest from work?


Question 2:The first Sabbath observance takes place in the wilderness in a time of scarcity. God wants Israel to trust that he is their true source of provision and life instead of hoarding or trying to control. In what ways do you try to control things in your life or environment that are not in your control? Take a moment to let go of these things and commit to trusting God to provide instead.


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