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February 27th: Sabbath Rest, part 2 -- Dr. Tim Mackie (

How do we rest in the midst of restlessness? For most of the week, we run around providing security and basic needs for ourselves. But Sabbath rest is about stopping to recognize that our lives and provisions ultimately come from God. And while he might be leading us through a wilderness at the moment, our ultimate future hope is in God’s plan to rescue and renew our world.


Join Tim in a short meditation on the theme of Sabbath followed by some time in the book of Matthew 


Read and Discuss


Read: Matthew 11:28-12:14

Question 1:Jesus says that rest is found in him, specifically in following him or learning from him. What could this rest look like in your own life practically? What brings you life, makes you thrive, and/or allows you to trust and rest in God?


Question 2: Jesus was not doing away with the concept of Sabbath; rather, he was defining what it truly meant. The purpose of the Sabbath was mercy and harmony or wholeness, not legalism. Does this change how you think about resting in the current situation in any way?

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