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March 3rd: Water of Life, part 2 -- Tim Mackie (

Yesterday we looked at stories in the Old Testament where God met his people in the desert - the place where all of life’s comforts and securities have been stripped away. Today we read a story where Jesus offers living water and dive deeper into the spiritual meaning of this metaphor.













Read and Discuss


Read John 4:1-26 and John 7:37-39

Jesus tells the Samaritan woman that the well water gives short-term life that cannot ultimately quench our thirst. He is offering water that never runs dry and generates eternal life. In John 7, we find out that this water is the Spirit.


Question 1: What are the places in your life where nothing seems to satisfy or quench your thirst? What do you think it would look like for God’s Spirit to be like living water in those areas of your life?


Question 2: How does it affect you to know that Jesus is offering water that never runs dry, eternal life in the Spirit?

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