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March 2nd:  Water of Life, part 1 -- Tim Mackie (

There are moments throughout scripture where God meets his people in the desert - the place where all of life’s comforts and securities have been stripped away. In life, we have our own desert seasons and while these times are scary, they also hold immense potential for our lives and our values to be transformed by God’s generosity and grace.


Listen to a short message from Tim on the Water of Life.


Read and Discuss


Read Jeremiah 2:1-13

Jeremiah accuses the Israelites of trusting in false gods and false sources of life, depicted as broken cisterns that don’t hold water and ultimately can’t give them what they need.


Question 1: Who or what do you turn to when you are anxious and uncertain? What are some powerful self-made sources of stability you tend to trust in your own life?


Question 2: Take a moment to reflect on how all of life is dependent on God’s power and generosity. Does this understanding change how you view those self-made sources of stability? What would it look like for you to choose to trust God’s generosity, rather than your own “broken cisterns”?


Read Isaiah 43:16-21 and Isaiah 44:1-5

In the past, God delivered his people by the Exodus through the sea and then provided water in the wilderness. The “new thing” God will do to deliver his people is to provide a better water in the wilderness—his own Spirit—which will grow a new garden of Eden people who will flourish.


Question 1: In what ways do you resonate with the image of living in a dry and desolate desert? What kind of “water” or relief do you find yourself longing for?


Question 2: Is your current connection with God satisfying to you? Set aside some time to share your feelings about your current circumstances with God or trusted others.

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