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March 11th: The Shema : Heart -- Dr. Tim Mackie (

We are to love God and one another with our whole heart. "Lev" means heart in Hebrew, and it wasn't a body part to the Israelites, they had a broader understanding of heart than our culture. They thought of the heart as the organ that gives physical life and the place where you think and make sense of the world, where you feel emotions and make choices. In the Shema, God's people are called to devote their whole body, mind, and feelings and desires, as well as their future and failures, to God.



Read and Discuss


Read Deuteronomy 10:12-22

Moses agrees that Israel exists because of Yahweh’s love for Israel’s ancestors. But this time he concludes that because Israel’s rescue from Egypt was an act of Yahweh’s love, the most consistent way to return love for Yahweh would be to turn one’s affection to the orphans, widows, and immigrants in the community. Do you see the mirror effect? Yahweh’s love is Exodus-shaped in Deuteronomy. In other words, it is an active love expressed toward the oppressed and hurting. So Israel’s love for God and neighbor is also meant to reflect that same pattern.


Question 1: Orphans, widows, and immigrants have a couple things in common. They are loved by God but are usually unloved by their neighbors. Do you know someone specific in your community who might be overlooked or unloved by those around them? Take a moment to think about how much God loves them. 


Question 2: What is a practical way you can step outside of your comfort zone to reflect God’s love to them this week?

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