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March 17th: Witness -- Dr. Carissa Quinn (

A witness is someone who sees something important or amazing and shares their experience with others. Yahweh called the nation of Israel to be his own witnesses, so that all other nations could see Yahweh as the one true God. Israel had some powerful encounters with Yahweh, so they were in a great position to do this. But they failed miserably, doing injustice and worshiping other gods just like the surrounding nations. Jesus proved to be the faithful witness Israel could not be, and through his life, death, resurrection, and ascension, he made a way for his followers to be faithful witnesses too. As followers of Jesus learn to bear witness to the loving character and powerful acts of God, the surrounding world can know and experience him too.



Read and Discuss


Video Question : How would you summarize this week’s video?


Read Matthew 28:16-20

The disciples are told to go to a mountain after witnessing Jesus’ life, death, and powerful resurrection. When they see Jesus alive on the mount, this amazing encounter leads many to worship Jesus, but some of the disciples still doubt what they’ve seen. Jesus comes closer and tells his disciples to go to all the nations with the authority of his name, the testimony of his message, and the assurance of his constant presence.


Question 1: How can you bear witness to what you have seen, heard, and learned about Jesus?


Question 2: Why do you think some disciples doubted when they witnessed Jesus alive from the dead? What do you need to believe in order to move away from doubt into worshipful amazement?


Question 3: Review verse 19. What are disciples of Jesus commissioned to do exactly? What happens to our Christian witness when we neglect an aspect of this call (i.e., only make disciples of our own nationality or only teach some of Jesus’ commands)?


Question 4: What do you think can happen when we seek to obey Jesus’ commission (vs. 19) without remembering his promise to never leave us (vs. 20)? Reflect on this powerful promise and how it is fulfilled in the gift of the Holy Spirit (see Acts 1:3-9). In response, pray to receive or remember his gift.

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