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March 23rd: Holy Spirit, part 2 -- Dr. Tim Mackie (

In the storyline of the Bible, God’s Spirit is in the business of generating life and order out of dismal and lifeless situations. This usually takes place through Spirit-empowered people who live by God’s wisdom and pay attention to the needs of others. And there is no one who more perfectly displayed God’s life-giving wisdom than Jesus, who gave his life in a Spirit-led act of love. This is the same Spirit who is leading Jesus’ followers to imitate his pattern of servant-love in our world today.




Read and Discuss


Read John 13:34-35 and John 14:16-26

The night before Jesus was arrested and executed, he washed the feet of his closest followers as a rich symbol of his love for them. This was a foretaste of his ultimate act of love on the cross. And this love was supposed to multiply as his followers shared that same self-giving love with each other. When Jesus later promises to send “the Spirit of truth,” he makes it clear that his own presence, comfort, and love will come to take up residence “inside you.” And if the life and love of the servant-king is truly in you, it will lead to further acts of self-giving love, or in Jesus’ words, “the one who has my commandments and keeps them, this is the one who loves me.” The logic is fairly simple. When our lives are characterized by others-centered love, that’s when we know that the Spirit is working through us.


Question 1: Read John 13:34-35 again and take a moment to prayerfully ask God, by his Spirit, to fill you with the others-centered love that characterized the life of Jesus.


Question 2: How has God uniquely made you to extend love to others? Where do the needs of others and your Spirit-empowered characteristics and gifts align?

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