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March 22nd: Holy Spirit, part 1 -- Dr. Tim Mackie (

The next two days, we’re going to invite you to reflect on three moments in Scripture that show the Spirit of God at work in the world — it’s timely. As our world continues in this season of difficulty, as leaders debate and divide over how to move forward, and as followers of Jesus find themselves drawn into this complex set of issues -- there’s no better time to remind ourselves of the work of God’s Spirit in the world.



Read and Discuss


Read Genesis 2:5-9

In Genesis 2:5 we are introduced to a barren landscape of dirt and rock that is devoid of life. But God breathes into the lifeless dirt to create life. This is a fundamental image in the Bible, that God’s personal life-giving presence is what sustains all living creatures. Apart from God’s own life-presence, there is only disorder and death. But when God’s Spirit is in the mix, the impossible suddenly becomes possible and life can come from non-life.


Question 1: God’s life-giving Spirit is the one who provides and sustains life in the world. Where do you see life emerging and flourishing around you?


Question 2: The Spirit is in the business of breathing life where there is hopelessness. Where do you sense a need for new life in or around you? Prayerfully ask God through his Spirit to bring life.


Read Isaiah 10:33-11:10

In this poem God is depicted as a lumberjack, cutting down Israel’s leaders who have arrogantly elevated themselves. And in their place, God will cause a new branch to sprout from the lineage of Jesse (David’s father!). He will be empowered by God’s Spirit to be the most wise, kind, and generous leader anyone could imagine. God’s Spirit produces a messianic king who uses his power to serve the poor and confront corruption. And you know God’s Spirit is involved when the signs of Eden begin to emerge, when the powerless are no longer in danger because “the land will be filled with knowing Yahweh like the waters cover the sea.”


Question 1: What do you notice about what the Spirit does in and through this leader?


Question 2: Where do you need wisdom in your own life? Set aside some time to ask God’s Spirit to give you wisdom and reflect on how to move forward.

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