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March 30th: Gospel of the Kingdom, part 2 -- Dr. Tim Mackie (

In the story of Jesus, we are invited to see that even the most unwelcome and tragic events cannot thwart God’s plan to restore our world.



Read and Discuss


Read Isaiah 52:7-53:12

This passage proclaims that God himself is coming to rescue his people. This is good news, but it will happen in a surprising way. God’s appointed one, the Messiah, will enter into the suffering and death of our world. There’s a lot of suffering and pain going on in our world right now, but God enters into our suffering. He experiences it personally and is present with us and all those who suffer.


Question 1: Write down or speak out loud where you see suffering and pain in the world and your community right now.


Question 2: Now pray or speak out loud these same instances again, taking in the truth that God is present in those situations and suffers with us.

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