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March 4th:  Way of The Exile, part 1 -- Dr. Carissa Quinn and Dr. Tim Mackie (

For the next three days, we are reflecting on the biblical theme of exile to understand how God’s people are to rely on him in the midst of isolation and uncertainty. We invite you to meditate on Psalm 34, as we begin to deepen our understanding of this important biblical theme.To be an exile is to experience the devastating reality of being driven out of a secure place of belonging.


Listen to two short messages from Carissa and Tim on the theme of Exile in the Bible.




Read and Discuss


Message Question: Share one idea that taught, challenged, or encouraged you as you listened to Carissa’s and Tim’s messages.


Read Psalm 34

Psalm 34 reminds us that God is our refuge—our place of security in the midst of chaos and distress. This psalm teaches us to maintain hope in God rather than seek security elsewhere. When the future feels uncertain, we should focus on doing good, seek peace in our lives and our communities, and trust that God consistently meets his people in their experiences of exile.


Question 1: What verse most captures your attention and why?


Question 2:This psalm is set in a time of exile for David, as he experienced the painful loss of belonging. Share how you’ve experienced feelings of exile in your own life.


Question 3: Slowly reread verses 5-8 about taking refuge in God with your own experiences of exile in mind. What thoughts or feelings come up as you read?


Question 4: To take refuge in God means to look to him for comfort and security in the midst of chaos. What other sources (positive or negative) do you tend to look to for comfort and security during times of trouble? What happens when you put your hope in these sources instead of in God?


Question 5: In this passage, David offers wise counsel for when we lack security, belonging, or certainty in the future. “Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies; turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it” (vv. 13-14). How specifically does this connect with your life right now?


Question 6: Let your reflection prompt a prayer to God. Thank him, be honest about how you struggle to hope in him alone, and ask him for what you need today.

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