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Prayer Guide



Prayer must be a pretty good thing. Everybody says so. But if your life is busy and your mind is busy and your house is busy, prayer may not be such a good thing for you. It may be somewhere between cardio exercise and “fewer Doritos” in your list of things you hope to get to someday. Notice I didn’t say, “no Doritos;” let’s be realistic!

But here we have the luxury of an hour for us to slow down, enter the thoughts of God and invite Him to inhabit our thoughts. Not as equals or pals, but as you, meeting the God of the universe. It’s an opportunity not to be squandered.

Because it can be intimidating to think about praying for an hour, we instead invite you to break it down into six shorter conversations. Don’t worry too much about the time suggestions. This guide was made for you, you weren’t made for the guide.

- David & Yvonne Roller

Conversation 1 - Ten Minutes of Amazement

If you’re able, kneel. Turn your thoughts upward, toward the majesty of God.

*Imagine, the King of all things is listening to you.
*Thank this God for inviting you into His presence.
*Thank Him, as we approach Thanksgiving, for any food, shelter, friends, family, safety,
pleasures, and steps of growth you’ve taken.

Conversation 2 - Ten Minutes of Confession and Chagrin

If you´re able, stand with head bowed. Turn your thoughts inward, toward your humanity.
*Any ongoing brokenness that you’d rather not think about? Tell God about it.
*Any lingering parts of your personality that you need to confess and turn away from?
*Any things you haven’t done that you should have done? Lament those lost

Conversation 3 - Ten Minutes of “Me, even me!”

If you’re able, stand with hands raised in gratitude. Turn your thoughts toward Jesus and His
promise of forgiveness.

*Enjoy the truth that forgiveness for any and all junk in your life is now yours.
*Pause long enough to “feel” what it means to have been restored into God’s family.
*Promise to be a part of the redemption of others. This is too good to keep to yourself.

Conversation 4 - Ten Minutes of “Please!”

Sit quietly with head bowed. Look outward at the needs that press on you.

*Ask for grace on behalf of those you love who are languishing far from Jesus.
*Ask for refreshment for yourself; a new breeze of faith to fill your sails.
*Ask for The Arbor Church; that our “being rooted together in Jesus” may go deeper and
that we may be better channels of that “abundant life for our community.”

Conversation 5 -Ten Minutes of Silent Surrender

Raise your hands upward (the “holdup” position) in a sign of your own dependence on God.
Look quietly toward God’s desires for you.

*Ask Him to show you any area of your life He cannot bless.
*Surrender yourself to Him and receive what He has for you. Be unsettled. Be changed.
*Slow your racing thoughts and give in to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Conversation 6 - Ten Minutes of Renewed Unity

Stand again, preparing to re-enter the fray of life in unity with God’s people.

*Recognize any changes in yourself during these last 60 minutes. Don’t rush this answer.
*Wait until you can affirm unity with the church. If you’re still too burdened to feel that
oneness, release your burden again-shift the yoke to Jesus’ shoulders.
*Affirm that God is at work, whether you can see it or not.
Say “Amen,” but don’t be done.
Walk out, but not out of His presence.

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