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The Arbor Church Ministry residency

Gain real-world experience and clarity for your calling.

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The central purposes of this 12-month residency are to prepare residents to discern how God is guiding them in the next step of their vocation, to provide practical experience and learning, and to be loved and mentored in community. The Arbor Church will then serve as a sending ministry to help launch residents into their calling.


  1. Residents will receive housing and a monthly stipend for living expenses as they serve 20 hours a week in ministry as a staff member at The Arbor Church (and/or partner ministries). 

  2. Residents will participate in learning modules based on the individual's experience and interests that will involve reading, discussion, and journaling on relevant ministry topics and spiritual formation.  Church planting training is available in partnership with Mission Igniter.

  3. Residents will be involved in the life of the church community and contributing to the mission and vision of The Arbor Church.


  1. Developing healthy work patterns and leadership styles for personal growth and ministry.

  2. Gaining a deeper understanding of the internal dynamics of leading and serving a congregation. 

  3. Seeing the connection between theological and biblical studies and the day-to-day work of serving the Lord and people.  

  4. Developing a greater awareness of the character and nature of their own call to Christian ministry. 

  5. Greater confidence and effectiveness as a minister of the gospel.

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Q: Who is it for?

A: People exploring a call to church planting, pastoral ministry, or parachurch organizations who have completed college or are currently pursuing a college or seminary degree

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