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God’s Word to the People in Galatia

(and to us!)


For the next six weeks we will be listening to what God said to the people of Galatia through his apostle, Paul.  And we will also be listening to what God is saying to us.  Some of these study questions will simply ask for information, and others, which use the phrase, “do you think,” will ask you to make a judgment call.  You may want to write down the answers to these questions because writing inscribes truths on your brain and heart as well as on your paper or screen.  Another way of getting these truths from the page into your life is to share your insights with another believer who can sharpen you like iron.


Paul and Barnabas visited Galatia during their first missionary journey (Acts 13-14) when they preached in Iconium, Lystra, and Derbe.  They planted churches and appointed leaders, then returned to Antioch, in Syria, the church that had sent them.  Sometime after they left Galatia, some Jewish Christians moved into their territory and told the Gentile believers that if they really wanted to be saved, they needed fully to convert to Judaism, and commit themselves to keeping all the Jewish law, especially circumcision for the men and the kosher food laws for everyone.


Week 1 (April 11-17)

Week 2 (April 18 - 24)

Week 3 (April 25 - May 1)

Week 4 (May 2 - May 8)

Week 5 (May 9 -15)