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June 2, 2024

Pastor John Lane

"Vision in Exile"

Ezekiel 1 



1.  Is it more important what you think of the Lord or what the Lord thinks of you? What are the implications of both? 

2.  What does it mean to be in exile?  Have you ever felt that you were exiled in your life? 

3.  How would your life change if you had a vision of the Lord like Ezekiel? What would your reaction be to seeing his glory? 

4.  When are the times that you feel the Lord's presence most strongly?  When do you feel his presence the least? 

5.  Pray for each other that the glory of the Lord would be present in the places it is absent 

June 9, 2024

Pastor John Lane

"Vision in Exile"

Ezekiel 8-11 

1 John 5:21 


1. In other countries, idols are physical statues that people worship, but in America we do not generally worship statues - so how does this make it difficult to understand God's warning about idolatry? 

2. What are some examples of idols in our culture?  How would you define idolatry for someone who is not familiar with the scriptures? 

3. What kind of impact would the visions of a defiled temple in Ezekiel 8 have had upon a priest like Ezekiel? 

4.  What areas in the church today may the Lord be concerned about defiling his temple or his people? 

5. How can we help each other stay "idol" free? 

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