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March 28th Questions  |  April 4th Questions

"Crossroads of Decision"

Pastor Michael Morris

March 28, 2021

1. What are the biggest decisions you’ve had to make in your life that determined the direction your life would take? What was the process you used to arrive at these decisions? What have you learned about decision making since making these big decisions?


2. Read Matthew 21. As Jesus entered the city amidst the waving of palm branches and the praises of people, what do you believe Jesus was thinking as He decided to do the things He did once entering the city (confronting the religious corruption in the temple, cursing the fig tree, allowing Himself to be anointed, etc.)? How do His decisions contrast with the decisions most people make when put in similar challenges in their lives?


3. The Scriptures make it clear that Jesus was fully God and fully man at the same time. The Scriptures also tell us that He was tempted in every way that we are (Hebrews 4:15). Do you believe Jesus had a choice at the critical junctures of His life, or were these decisions made for Him because He was Divine? What does it say about how Jesus feels toward us to know that He chose the way He did throughout His life as He rejected the aspirations that most people choose?


4. Read Matthew 26:17-28. Jesus foretold that all of the disciples would abandon Him, yet at the table with His disciples, He offers Himself in fulfillment of the Passover first introduced by God in Exodus 12. What does it say about Jesus that He would follow through in offering Himself as the Sacrificial Lamb when He knew so many people would reject Him and not choose to receive the benefits of His act of grace? How does it influence your spiritual life and devotion when you consider His love and sacrifice despite being rejected?


5. As you consider how Jesus responded in the critical junctures of His life (His choice as He entered Jerusalem and chose to move toward the Cross in particular), how does it influence the way you see the people in your life? What hindrances and obstacles do you have in your life that may be keeping you from living sacrificially for the sake of the people in your life?


6. Read John 21:15-17. Jesus reinstated Peter after asking him three times if Peter loved Him. Each time Peter answered in the affirmative that he loved Jesus, to which Jesus responded by saying, “Feed my sheep.” What do you think Jesus meant when He told Peter to “feed His sheep?” If Jesus is suggesting that we at least in part show our love for Him in the way we care for others, what does your care for others say about your relationship with Christ? 

"King Over All"

Pastor Kaye Kolde

April 4, 2021

1.  Would you agree with those who say we are sheltered from death in our modern American culture?  If you’ve have/had children, how have you helped them understand thinking about death? How does your faith make this conversation different?

2. Read Matthew 27:57-66. What are the different responses to Jesus’ death described here? Imagine that you didn’t know what was coming on Sunday; what camp do you imagine yourself in? Knowing your own personality, what would you have done? (For real!)

3. Read Matthew 28:1-7.  Discuss the way the women are portrayed at the cross (27:55-56), his burial, and his resurrection. What blessing do you see in their faithfulness and obedience even through pain?

4. Read Matthew 28:8-15. Discuss the difference in the way the women and the guards respond to the fears they’re facing. How does fear of the unknown come into play with both faith and denial?

5.  How does trusting in the empty tomb change everything?  Give an actual example from your life when a perspective based in post-resurrection reality made a difference for you? Complete this sentence: Knowing Jesus is King over all, even death, reminds me____________________.

6.  Prayers prayers of worship and praise for our good King Jesus. 






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