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Sermon Questions


September 18, 2022

Our Refuge  

Pastor Kaye Kolde

1.  Share with your group what you remember as a safe place from your childhood; what made it feel that way?

2. Read Psalm 91 out loud.  Listen for all the imagery and metaphors and discuss how they help you understand life and relationship with the Lord.  

3.  Read John 15:5-11 and talk about how Jesus' words regarding dwelling/abiding/remaining in him can bring more understanding to the Lord as our refuge.  

4.  Read Isaiah 28:14-17.  The Israelites are being called out for making "a lie their refuge."  They know God but also turn to other things for safety and refuge.  How do Christians do this today by trying to find safety in things that can fail, won't last, or things that lead them away from life trust and surrender in Jesus?  

5. Read Psalm 121 together - observe the text.  What does this teach us about God as our refuge. Discuss how this truth can be applied for you today.

6.  Share one way the group can pray for you to grow in abiding relationship with the Lord, and then pray for one another.

September 25, 2022

A Safe Place for Relationship  

Pastor John Maguire 

1. Can John 7:53-8:11 be recognized as a true story about Jesus?

2. Do you have a regular time when you spend time with God like Jesus did?

3. Who do you identify with most in the story? And why?

4. What is the instruction/example of Jesus I need to follow?

5. How can I best live out the model of Jesus with others?