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Sermon Questions


October 10th  |  October 17th


What's Missing?

October 10, 2021

Pastor Kaye Kolde


1. Pastor Kaye has shared that she's tried to live the Christian life without any real teaching or awareness of the Holy Spirit.  Have you experienced this? What did you learn? What are some of your biggest questions about the Holy Spirit?


2. Read John 14:15-20.  What does it mean to you that He will never leave you alone as an orphan but instead you are His beloved child?  How does the enemy try to convince you otherwise? Why do we pray things like, "Come, Holy Spirit," if these things are true?  Where/when are you most aware of God's presence with you?


3.  Read John 14:19-27.  What are the ways the Spirit is our Helper to experience the abundant life according to these words of Jesus?  Tell of the last time you were aware of the Spirit helping you that way.


4.  Read John 16:6-15.  Why is it a gift to be convicted of sin, judgment and righteousness by the Spirit?  What else about the work of the Spirit makes you uncomfortable and nervous?


5.  Pray for one another, each person by name, to be filled with the Spirit and respond to His work with trust, believing He is a source of living water in your lives.


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Making and Remaking

October 17, 2021

Pastor Heather Castle


1. Growing up, what was your experience with the Holy Spirit? What did you learn about Him or think about Him?  How did your family or experience with Christians influence your understanding of the Holy Spirit?


2. Francis Chan said, “The point is not to completely understand God but to worship Him.  Let the very fact that you cannot know Him fully lead you to praise Him for His infiniteness and grandeur.” How well are you able to praise God in the face of unknowns about Him?  What often stands in the way of being able to do this?


3. God’s life-giving Spirit is the one who provides and sustains life in the world. Where do you see life emerging and flourishing around you?


4. The Spirit is in the business of breathing life where there is hopelessness. Where do you sense a need for new life in or around you? 


5. Read Exodus 31:1-5. The Hebrew word “to make” can often be interpreted as to plan, imagine or dream.  Sara Groves said, “What a beautiful idea! While this one dreams in gold, another dreams in numbers, and he in rhythm, and she in cloth, and he in car parts.”  What do you “dream in”?  How might the Holy Spirit be filling you and bringing life through what you “dream in”? Prayerfully ask God through his Spirit to bring life. 



Click here to download a printable PDF of the discussion questions.